About us

Established in 1992, Gero Diagnostics is a Closed Corporation owned by Robert Rettermayer and George Rettermayer.  We specialize in cleaning methods, that are environmentally friendly, using quality raw materials that do not damage the surface, and without use of chemicals.

In 2009 we established a sister company; Gero Sandblasting cc.

We have since also started sandblasting and are starting to use ultra high water pressure cleaners.

For the last 23 years we have branched into TLB hire, renting out to private individuals as well as large construction companies.


We  do on-site sandblasting, graffiti removal, rust removal, cleaning of floors, wood, face-brick, concrete, building facades, steel structures, sculptures, gravestones, metals and a wide variety of other materials.

Located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, near Kya Sands, we travel throughout Gauteng, and strive to provide a service that is efficient, reliable and cost effective, to you the client. We welcome commercial, industrial and residential projects.

We have friendly, dedicated staff, who will assess what your requirements are, and advise on proper procedures.