We provide sandblasting services for building, commercial and industrial companies. Our eco-friendly method cleans and renovates surfaces.

Sandblasting is the fastest way to remove grime, rust, paint and mould. We blast the dirt away to reveal a brand-new under-surface.

We are mobile and will come to you.

Companies often have problems when:

  • The wrong blast material is used
  • A project takes too long
  • A breakdown slows the project down
You need to find a team with the right skills.
We are experts at sandblasting.

Our quick turnaround time means:

  • Breakdowns are sorted quickly with extra machines
  • Our team is trained and experienced
  • We turn up on time and do what it takes to meet deadlines
What are you waiting for?

What do you want to do?

Industrial Sand Blasting

Abrasive blasting for commercial or industrial projects, using the latest materials, such as plastic beads, shells, metal shot, grit, wet and vapour blasting.

Industrial Powder Coating

Bulk sandblasting and powder coating for steel, stainless steel products.

Mobile Sand Blasting

Our on-site sandblasting team will come to your site. We service areas around Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria – within Gauteng.

Architecture / Art Sandblasting

Smooth or intentionally rough finishes for concrete, infrastructure, renovations or sculptures.

Automobile / Train Restoration

Remove rust and stains from classic cars, trains and planes. See restoration projects we’ve been entrusted with.

Paving / Building Renovation

Remove years of grime, paint, graffiti, mould or rust from driveways, roads, building facades, floors and walls.

Mobile Sandblasting

We have a professional team that will come to you.

Get the job done on-site.

Jobs We’re Proud Of

See our Project page for more Before & After pics.


Railway carriages we sandblasted to remove grafitti, rust and peeling paint for Wictra Holdings.  The After picture shows the new under-surface, ready for paint. Paint adheres better to a surface that’s been sandblasted clean. 

Removing rust from infrastructure at a SAB plant in Chamdor. Rust removal extends the life of steel tanks and equipment.

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